second law of thermodynamics (k1639)

the sun will shine tomorrow, turnips and potatoes feel no pain,
mistakes are pilling up in the driveway clogging up the drain,
falling down and getting up i fell so hard for you,
i'd like to love you baby and keep my day job too.

wild flowers (k1638)

some things don't change a lot,
just the source of the music and such,
when i was a boy a radio my surreal toy,
i'm learning to fly and i still don't have wings,
the thin lady flies and the fat lady sings ...
staying up is still the hardest thing to do,
somebody's pulling and i still don't know who,
started out with little and i still don't have much.

wireless knobs (k1637)

come in, come in, the high priest,
and then that killer sound came along,
the vibrations were so outrageous,
justin was just an ordinary boy, where is justin now?

who’s got the most balls (k1636)

two fish bowls, have you heard the news that's going around,
the music came first from the volcano it did go,
words came later and from the source it did not know,
never did they meet up and bother ...
get that extra ball, don't let it fall,
did they sync up was there anything dear,
this must be what paradise is like ...
so quiet in here, so peaceful over there.

nessun dorma (k1635)


ah, seagulls on the shore of the great lakes,
like a mob of soldiers released from war all looking for a quick bite to eat,
and always a private bennigan who aims her beak at the hopes of another,
with guilty feet,
and not too concerned of whom she shall meet.
i build a hall in my mind and each walks through one at a time,
some misbehave,
only to find some peanut butter on the other end and hopes
for a quiet read of dragon willy and the sound of a wave.

naked moon (k1633)

my aching feet quiver, my river washes over on this glorious day ...
flutes fill my head with laughter, bringing back the heaven, letting six become seven ...
desperate men, mince words, spoken in confusion, never again to be heard ...
there you are on the couch as a hostage to a slave, precious cargo key largo,
a ghost in my head, i have touched your face many times, as i think of all those silly things i have said.

fishes not able to show the pain (k1632)

pink doves strike the shingles and curses where the sky meets the sea,
lucy was very high ... when she fell from an unfriendly tree ...
indeterminate pieces make the puzzle fit writing apologies on the blame,
meta level cognition, all three in limbo, but the result never the same.

what happened (k1631)

i'm a tone, i am a song, wait i am a black crow,
i'm a red goose, i'm a scarecrow, i'm a brown cow ...
i passed somewhere, a salty path, just close your eyes,
it won't take long, it won't hurt a bit,
trumpet sounded, my movement to another fleet, desert skies ...
where did you go, you were right there, gone by the wayside,
my thoughts crossed the line, i'm a pit bull, silk on a rocky shore,
i am there, no i am not, seems like i am not here anymore.

invisible (k1630)