paganini fire department (k1600)

all the cafe tables are blazing,
the owners didn't want it to be ...
in a 57th street apartment,
as we gaze upon ...
the buildings are emanating with fire ...
don't cry sister don't cry
we have soaked the cityscape with wine ...
and soon, everthing, will feel just fine.

lux aetern (k1599)

i have nothing to say and i am going to say it anyway,
all matter matters and i will reinvent visual daze
and progress is not possible without deviant craze.
shake it all up, put it in box and wait until night ...
pick all you don't like, put them together in sight ...
enjoy the matter, no chatter ... add more light.

homo sapiens 2.0 (k1598)

it's running by me,
i am dying to see,
don't believe for just one second the sun is turning back on me,
i'm trying to,
i am willing to,
my mind has taken up the slack ...
my eyes on the day of continuation,
at the center of the black,
from another axis i have multiplied to something quite different,
no more death,
i can carry forward,
not attached to any wall,
go with me,
i will take you home,
no more barriers,
i will have it all.

a simple life (k1597)

the crowd calls to the king to raise another emperor,
she calls to cpg for some inspired central pattern invisibility ...
the radial basis functions sit on the fuzzy fence not quite sure of uncertainty,
while servo motors swim in stacking commands playing in background eternity.

solitary young man (k1596)

the radio was my toy when i was a little boy,
click it on and let the music play away,
reel to reel was on fire and spinning,
three inch slice in my head was a grinning ...

betty bammel (k1595)

bought a new boat made of dream land,
not much of nothing but it is keeping me afloat,
things are always shifting and drifting,
but my heart has never changed ...

up early (k1594)

sometimes you must put some arms firmly on the door,
fancy dress, gas masks, you have all had the tour de jour,
pay the piper and the sniper whatever you have to do ...
frame the story, take the glory, pop the toaster ... before it pops you.

filtering my own thoughts (k1593)

took a look at her she took a look at you,
got my home from river rats it's the only place i know,
picked me up a bottle to paint the sky at noon,
drank the sunshine, something hit a nerve ...
walked back and heard the music,
scared and stared at the moon,
it's the only thing i have ever known ...
filling up my head with positive gloom.

mighty man of notions (k1592)

broken bones you brush them off and bury them,
broken ideas you fix them up and and marry them,
down flooded rivers to faded dreams they sail away,
you let her work you over never ever had much to say,
the youth and fire and glory, the open bottle wins the day.

stagnation is perfection (k1591)

told his little sister he was going to ride around the moon and back again,
going to swing his hammer down and make a joyful sound ...
got in trouble with the local librarian from the mediocre meridian,
play a song for me and think of what we could possibly throw down.