no japura river (k1712)

on a clear day,
i woke up this morning and suddenly ...
nothing happened,
gracefully i fell down, 
nothing came crashing down on me,
redress, unaddresed, 
pick your clothes up off the floor, 
and suddenly, gentily, and merrily ...
nothing happened.

japura river (k1711)

japura river (k1711)

tall and branchy (k1710)

the story begins with you
and me in dark lit rooms,
from the youngest age exploring,
snoring, the tree holds a secret,
so … perfect, able, and stable,
it will never die,
and then it does,
and all i can do
is cry.

a dark spot in a shallow light hole (k1709)

a dark spot in a shallow light hole (k1709)
standing here with you and this microphone,
my life here in jeopardy, take me to an early grave, 
just my imagination never could leave it alone, 
pick on your guitar this heart has turned to stone.

a fully recurrent neural singularity (k1708)

turn up the quiet (k1707)

make me thrill like whipper will,
like violin glue and only you can do,
dance with me let oceans start to roar,
quietly bend my petals,
let them blow in the wind …
i remember all those things you are,
sing me smooth and off to guadalahar.

life sublime (k1706)

elements forming with nothing in mind,
into the air in any space they cound find,
out of the sea came many with no one to blame,
on to the land to create a new band.

walking to the beat (k1705)

pull the bars wide open,
look out the window and see …
the emptiness around,
put it all inside,
jokers, crooks,
poets and profits,
pilgrims, pirates,
drifters and dreamers,
blind in the light,
crowns with the clowns,
break the glass, watch it shatter,
who else can i be.
(dedicated to the memory of my mother)

folding back and forth on you (k1704)

come on back from whence you came,
a little wrinkled you are not to blame,
do you still have that story that you wrote,
the one where the fish drives the boat,
did it have a happy ending my friend …
was the beautiful discord ever reconciled …
stop swimming against the tide,
jump on the wave and take a ride,
did the ocean turn back to blue,
send it to me and i’ll see what i can do.

welcome to my home (k1703)