all the logic that you hold (k1666)

feeling a bit funny today,
no jokes bubbling into my day,
from your changing contentment,
what will you choose to compare,
associate my think to your other,
and my thoughts to your mother,
i don't know why i play
the things i say,
but i say them anyway, to entertain,
myself, to get through the day,
chaos and comotion ...
i handle in my own happy way.

someone unlike you (k1665)

blood on my lips,
disgrace on my face,
fallen down like a boy ...
i am about to go,
found myself holding a memory of you
holding a memory of me ...
around the ferris wheel we go,
your face in my eyes,
a time when nothing turns out right ...
every door i open is wrong,
takes me back to where i belong,
pockets full of rhymes and song ...
never want to get old,
never never want to never fly,
never never want to never die.

silly synapses of rough grace (k1664)

open up the blinds and let the light in,
patterns upon patterns upon patterns ...
all the awakening, all those already awake,
past a mortal i see, all that is available to me,
i ran away and turned around,
you were standing right next to me,
tunnels of sane existence i climb out on a limb,
impenetrable encircling there's no doubt i see,
vibration, vibration flowing over the sails,
deeper and deeper i go into my frails,
stars assemble and disassemble unbeknownst
the energy is out previous mortals are we,
soon, soon the unreason for us to be here,
now the light, we are ... in our season to be.

on the wings of your best thoughts (k1663)

i never tried to feel, i never tried to repeal this vibration,
i'm leaving, i'm grieving, i can't figure out this configuration ...
do you ever think of me, do you ever think past the seasons,
i'm not complaining, i never try to feel ... i have my reasons.

cracks in every crawl (k1662)

for a while, she forgot all that she never had,
without any mourning, it came without any warning,
climb on that pony and ride like you have never done,
flowing rivers of blood, loving hot like the sun.

entropy (k1660)

speaking now, of the gathering sky,
what is that in your hand,
how did that get there,
time is not now, never was, nice try.

this jump’s for you (k1659)

never mind (k1658)

old bays and half night, beggar holds his tongue,
gossip in the garden, never got any work done,
always late for tea, such a silly lady will be ...
have you heard the ... forgot to do that, ladi dadi deee

this jump’s for you (k1657)

ozark (k1656)