she’s waiting, for another lover (k1721)

she's waiting, for another lover (k1721)
millions of times hotter than the sun,
from the inside started some commotion,
as it combined and combobulated,
the light started to dim and thunder,
one could read the colors of creation,
shades of harmony and mental recreation.

we need serious and mysterious days (k1720)

glossolamonial residence (k1719)

you take my madness, you take my sadness,
i walk on coals, i pull carbon out of the air,
the mountains made me from cinders
i cease to exist and then i am here,
i bend and flow with the wind ...
you take me to places,
and in the morning sun,
i am full of twisted light,
you throw those passionate eyes,
you tell me never to say,
i look up the answer and smile,
it's looking like a beautiful day.

sandcrane hill (k1718)

little red corvette (k1717)

ecartele, much longer than a year (k1716)

just enough and no more said the gentleman to the floor,
maybe you can point me in the right direction to the door,
been plucking my string and polishing my bow ...
is the piano the zebra or am i singing to the choir,
whatever it is, so beautiful i need to catch my breath ...
package the packets in time, save it, send me only the rhyme.

eperdu (k1715)

he doesn’t believe me (k1714)

there was a casino in barcelona
a painting of picasso on the wall,
vibrations often sometimes get the better side of me...
working for a livin,
and working more on givin,
in the back of the van all cozy
when a gun came out of her purse
she told me about her lover
it came into my head from reverse,
things were not good and getting ugly,
i knew they could not get much worse.

gothica (k1713)

your pentrace, not the same as mine by chance,
she cant see a thing but a ray,
she put her eyes in backwards today,
black as a swan, glow blue sanvean,
i have the secret, the primary part,
made the dark puzzle fit to start your heart.

no japura river (k1712)

on a clear day,
i woke up this morning and suddenly ...
nothing happened,
gracefully i fell down, 
nothing came crashing down on me,
redress, unaddresed, 
pick your clothes up off the floor, 
and suddenly, gentily, and merrily ...
nothing happened.